CADET WORKS Internship Program

Summer 2018 Available to the STA Class of 2016

Did you see the article in the Saber magazine about the internship program?  If you missed it, click here to read the full story.


The internship is a continuation of the learning fundamentals developed at Saint Thomas Academy (STA). STA does an excellent job of preparing its young men for College. Many STA graduates attend schools that are far away from the Twin Cities. When they return to the Twin Cities, the Academy and their classmates are their main conductivity to this community. This program’s intention is to expand that Saint Thomas Academy connection, and to aid our young alumni as internships give a significant advantage to the student as they progress toward a career.   This program is available to members of the STA Class of 2016 for placement into internship positions for the summer of 2018.

What are people saying about CADET WORKS Internship Program?

“My son Ben (Rascher ’11) attributes getting an internship this summer with Ameriprise due to the experience he received through his STA Internship with Tim Plunkett ’73 and Minnesota Lawyers Mutual.

Tim (Rascher ’12) also had a good experience this year.  Being able improve his resume and have the opportunity to interview with several companies made a big difference in him landing an internship with Harris Companies.

It is a great program, keep it going”!

Joe Rascher ’80
Father of Ben ’11, Tim ’12 and Daniel ’16

"We did have a fantastic experience attending the on site interviewing opportunity.  The caliber of the students was by far top notch.  Our staff that attended was extremely impressed with the students we interviewed and we all commented how hard it actually was to narrow down the talent pool due to the fantastic candidates.  We ended up bringing several of the students back in for second interviews with our company and offered an internship to one of them as well.  We will definitely be back for future events that you host of this nature.  It was well worth our time".

Diane Duguay
Director of Employee Relations & Diversity
Kraus-Anderson Construction Company

"We are involved with Cadet Works because we feel it is important to STA's reputation of providing an educational experience that goes far beyond the classroom and long beyond graduation."

Mike Sabre '77
Mount Yale Capital Group

The intent is for Cadet Works Committee and the STA Advancement Office to cultivate internship opportunities based on the results of the survey.  The program will provide professional development opportunities including resume writing and interview skill training to the candidates prior to interviews with the prospective employers.  This is a competitive process and there will more than likely not be enough open internship positions available for all interested parties so it is important that candidates have a complete and organized resume and are ready to interview with prospective employers.

Ongoing Now -
Cadet Works Committee and Advancement Office are recruiting businesses for the summer of 2018 based on feedback from the Class of 2016 

October 1, 2017 -  STA Class of 2016 who are interested in the internship program must submit their STA Internship Application no later than close of business.

November 11, 2017 -  STA Class of 2015 who are interested in the internship program must submit their resume to the STA Alumni Office no later than close of business.

December 8, 2017  - The STA Alumni Office will post and email a list of the professional fields available through the internship program to the STA 2016 candidates.

December 15, 2017  - Candidates must confirm with the STA Alumni Office which internships they would like to interview with no later than close of business.

December 27, 2017  - Candidates participate in interview preparation seminar at STA 

December 28, 2017  - Interviews are conducted at STA or at the organization offering the internship position.

January 12, 2018 (tentative date) - Companies extend offers to Candidates for employment in the summer of 2018.

Are you interested in participating in this program as a business looking for a quality intern or as a highly qualified candidate from the STA Class of 2016?

If you are a business and have an internship position(s) available, please contact Mike Maxwell '84 at 651-683-1577 or

If you are a candidate from the STA Class of 2016, please Contact Luke Marks '11 at 651-675-6312 or if you have further questions.