Saint Thomas Academy Alumni Association 



Mission Statement:

The Alumni Association seeks to develop a lifelong bond between Saint Thomas Academy and all of its alumni in order to:

  • Support the interests of the academy by establishing relationships between it and its alumni which ensure that the spiritual, intellectual and material resources of the alumni will be provided to the greatest extent possible; and,
  • Preserve and augment personal connections and traditions formed by the alumni during their school years.

    Empirical Measures of Success:

  • The degree to which the Alumni Association furthers the mission and advances the priorities of Saint Thomas Academy;
  • Ensures a positive experience for the Association’s board members; and,
  • Ensures a positive experience for the alumni community-at-large.

Primary Areas of Activity to Accomplish the Mission:

1. Invite alumni to participate in Association activities;

2. Inform and communicate with the STA community at large by
   a) Communicating with all alumni so they are aware of the many ways they can stay involved with STA via the Alumni Association
   b) Communicating with the faculty, staff, Board of Trustees, current parents and students so all are aware of the efforts of the Alumni Association for the benefit of STA, 
   c) Make
all aware that Alumni Association and network of 6000+ alums (led by the Alumni Board of Directors) are available as a resource; and,

3. Involve in order to forge an ongoing bond with the Academy.

In order to accomplish our goals we need your help.

Questions? E-mail the alumni relations office